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>> live and at large. i'm geraldo rivera. welcome to this special edition of the program. coming up, my celebration of 40th anniversary in the news business. footage. much more mel alan cone anniversary. tomorrow marks one month cave in that trapped resolute band of brothers in the cold damp dark half a mile down in the gold and copper mind in the remote high desert of chile. and the jubilation that accompanied the miners'
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miraculous discovery alive is dampened now by news their eventual rescue could take four more months. with the latest on the increasing tempo of the rescue efforts, associated press reporter peter pragman is live in chile. peter, i know they have moved in some more equipment. they are starting with alternate drilling sites trying all different ways the president under a lot of pressure to get these guys out as soon as possible, as safely as possible. tell us about some of this renewed effort going on down there. >> absolutely. first of all, happy 40th anniversary. >> thank you, man. the word spread each not southern hemisphere. >> that's right. as you mentioned the drilling has started in earnest. for the last week they have been doing what we call plan a. that's drilling 700 meters or about half a mile straight down with a massive drill that they
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say is the sure thing. but that's really about a four month process, they estimate. tomorrow, they are going to start what call plan b. that's taking one of the bore holes that they have been using to communicate with the miners to send them food and medicine and try to enlarge it. the thought is that could take two months, maybe a little bit more. they have also started to talk about a plan c, which is basically taking another bore hole and trying to widen it enough so that they can get the men out. geraldo: spur spirits? they are celebrities. how are they fairing? under a smik scope -- microscope so far under ground. >> things have helped along the way that have helped them. today they were able to speak with family for the first time by video conference, just like we're doing here. and so i think those little
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things really lift their spirits. in a couple of weeks is september 18th which is in capitol hill separates its -- chile celebrates their equivalent of the fourth of july. send them down a special meal and wine. little things along the way help keep their spirits lifted. this is definitely a long haul. >> thank you very much. keep reporting it as have you been. the chilean government, ladies and gentlemen, pulling out all the stops to get those guys out. even requesting help from nasa, the thinking being that our space agency knows how to keep snawnts healthy and sane. maybe they have knowledge that's applicable here. >> what we want to try to avoid is any kind of situation of hopelessness on the part of the miners. all the interaction so far in trying to provide them with food and water and contact with families and working with organizational structure is all
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working towards trying to keep their spirits up. >> in boston dr. keith ablow of the fox news medical a team. welcome: they risk everything from claustrophobia to new celebrity, hey? >> absolutely. the risks include things like major depression, withdrawal, geraldo, from alcohol or drugs if they were dependent on these things before. there are 33 people down there. it would be a miracle if none of them have a preexisting psychiatric illness or an addiction. not to mention, you know, we are focused underground but things will happen above ground. and you know what? the question comes up, do you communicate these events, critical events in these people's lives to them while they are underground? do you not? how do you plan? >> what about this guy who had both his wife and his mistress show up because the guy is famous now. i mean, isn't that some of what you are talking about traumas above being communicated below? >> absolutely.
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listen, there will be a lesson in this really for all of us. when that man, and i hope he does, emerges in four months from today or god willing sooner, i think probably he will be closer to some kind of truth than he has ever been. i don't think you can be submerged underground and not confront yourself. you can certainly summon a lot of denial to say i'll make it, i'll make it at the back of your mind you're thinking you know what? my life has hung by a thread all of my days. it's more acutely nobody to me now these days. he will either want to resolve those rips or in the context of what i have just been through i need to feel each of you what i feel in my heart. i'm not sure. it's will be constructive, i think. >> i think it will be the last man out. happy lay day weekend. >> 25 year veteran of the fbi thinks foxy knoxy is incident.
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plus a mosque fire in tennessee has just been ruled an arson. please don't miss my wild and crazy 40th anniversary celebration. all of that and mohammed ali
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>> you know, being locked up for a crime you didn't commit is devastating. it's almost unbearable. and, you know, she is having some tough times, but she is doing what she needs to do. >> when amanda knox gets out, if she needs a roommate, i will
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send my daughter over. >> how you can be so sure. >> because i have seen the evidence. the evidence is completely conclusive. >> geraldo: that guy is a former fbi agent. is amanda knox innocent? why don't we care more? i have been around the block as you will see in my 40 anniversary celebration that you will see at the bottom of the hour. why that 20-year-old foreign exchange student never generated much sympathy from the american public. knox supporter ann bremmer. was she granting that interview, is the family trying to get americans, at least, to take a second look? welcome to the show by the way. >> thank you and congratulations on 40 years. you don't look like you capable of having 40 years experience. and i know have you been very supportive in this case. and i think, yeah, you need to get out there with people with bona fides. all this experience and he says i stood up and say hey, it's
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like the house is on fire and he tells everybody wake up, get out. is he putting call all across the united states hopefully with a shot across the bough at illustrationly that there is no forensic evidence. all the forensic evidence says she is innocent. >> here is more on good morning, america. here is steve moore, former fbi agent. >> there was two liters at blood, at least all over the floor. if three people were in that room the way the prosecutors way say there would be foot prohibits, fringier prints, hair, palm prints, bloody footprints everything for three people. is there is all of that for only one person. what they are saying is that whoever killed meredith cleaned up in amanda's bathroom. that's all they are saying. they are assuming that the person who cleaned up had to be amanda. it's the most -- >> -- but they did punt to traces of her material there. >> in her own bathroom? they found amanda's d.n.a. in her bathroom?
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>> geraldo: they found amanda's d.n.a. in her own bathroom? who else's d.n.a. would you find in her bathroom. >> i don't think much about what moore has to say, geraldo for several reasons. we have to remember we are pretending italy court system a s. a court system kangaroo it's not. they had eight jurors evaluate this evidence over several months and they concluded she is guilty. >> for million different reasons they make this exchange student the surrogate for bad bad america. >> look at the person who was i would can. this person more is talking about crime scenes. >> geraldo: killed by drifter guy. >> no. she was killed by all three. crime scenes do not cover complete patterns. you don't cut someone and they bleed immediately. >> geraldo: you have the drifter. >> the boyfriend. geraldo rivera. >> geraldo: 20-year-old foreign
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exchange knife. >> we know she was weeded up that night. that's what she admitted. and thee tells different stories to have the police. if that was the murder case half of america would be guilty of something. what do you think, ann? do you want to respond to what joey said? >> absolutely. there is no evidence, not a hair, not a fiber, not a fingerprint. not zero. and amanda knox in the murder room. how you can have a sex orgy slaying where he is holding the knife with two other participants and not have one speck of evidence of yourself in that room. impossible. like robert said weeded up, i mean, she is not going to do this. >> it's been manipulated and people have been misinformed about it there is evidence there. this was a several month trial that was evaluated italian court. it was coffin firmed geraldo and ann by a be judge there in a multiphase opinion. >> geraldo: it's outrageous. they got her on a slander charge because they they questioned her
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accusing the prosecutor of unjust prosecution. in this country think it could the not be right to say i'm innocent. >> how many stories did she did? >> it's covering up for the love affair. covering up for whatever else she did wroong. she gets her. >> her boyfriend gets less than what she does? she deservesner appeal. nastier by the day. we will find out more about the financial backers of the downtown mosque. ♪ let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... ming him a great contender in thist... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a littlehort. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain...
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>> we will not take money from iran. we will not take money from hamas. we will not take money from organizations that have unamerican values. >> geraldo: with all the controversy it's generating and despite the developer's denials on 60 minutes last week that you saw, there is still not much known about where the money from the downtown mosque is coming from. one news organization though, fox 5 here in new york, i'm proud to say, did something most of the other media did not. they sent enterprising reporter charles lee to check out behind the public face of the 100-million-dollar community center and charles found at least one donor whose past associations might be cause for
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concern. who is this donor? his brother craig. >> >> one of the investors behind the $4.8 million raised to purchase this building, which will eventually become that 100-million-dollar muslim community center. according to tax records his donation was made a four two years before the u.s. government froze the foundation's assets and accused of acting as a fundraiser for hamas. it became years before the recipient of the generosity hamas was labeled a terrorist organization by 39 lynne in 1995. a bit of irony, a just discontinue who mothers and father were killed by islamic terrorist. co-pilot who flew his off the island of nantucket. kill outline 217 passengers and crew in flight 1999.
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u.s. investigators later found that the co-pilot steered that plane that the utter. a finding disputed by the authorities. >> geraldo: charles leaf chased down from from fox five. why was the man ducking you? >> i think, geraldo, the first -- it's an easy explanation, really. obviously he did not want to be publicly died to this mosque ground zero. really, up until the time i went to hunt him down he had remained on the sidelines. number two, if i had started asking questions and he had started answering them, i might have gotten to the point right then and there that we found eventually, which is the fact that in 1999, this man, had contributed to an organization which the federal government has declared to be a terrorist
1:21 am
organization and shut down in 2001. >> geraldo: the holy land. >> the holy land foundation and five of its leaders all went to federal prison. >> geraldo: at the time they gave the money he who h. knot yet been declared or funder. >> that's true. >> as early as the 1990s's this was interested in this organization. funneling money to hamas. if he had even done a cursory look even into what this organization was doing, he would have seen that there were at least strong allegations and there were suspensions that organization was funding hamas which is committed to conducting violent on israel. >> it's hard to speculate if he is a guy guy. i will tell you this man has tendencies or sympathetic to a cause that most americans would not support.
1:22 am
>> geraldo: charles leaf, you have done an excellent job. >> thank you. >> geraldo: they are releasing news that this mosque they burned down was arson fire. all this discussion of the downtown mosque is definitely fueling violence against these muslim institutions: that's why i want everyone to doubt, please? i know you have a first acto down. i'm begging you move it two blocks. calm things down. charles, it has nothing to do with your reporting, excellent jobs. >> 40 years as a television news man. a ride worth riding to see how silly. silly. we all look back on the day with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> my good friends, i would like to you meet my good friends. nelva, roger, tex, frank, bill and jim. >> the eyewitness news team the reason people like them so much is because they like peep elm so much. >> i first heard of this big place with a pretty sounding name because of a call i received from the member of the willow brook staff. this is what it looked like. this is what it sounded like but how you can tell you about the way it spelled? >> ladies and gentlemen, geraldo rivera.
1:27 am
♪ oh the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. >> abc's wild world of entertainment. ♪ >> thursday night special. >> we have a very, very special treat for y'all. >> so now here is the anchorman of america geraldo rivera. >> geraldo rivera presents an exclusive, intimate, hour long look at this remarkable story. >> thank you. more tonight on 20/20. >> geraldo rivera has more from new york. geraldo, this is just too much. >> it's funny, it's pathetic, it's all of those things. >> a mystery ever calderon's faults. >> a smaive in -- modern love. >> bid farewell to the sexual
1:28 am
revolution. >> devil worship. >> whether satan exists is a matter of belief. ♪ >> we continue our investigation into a sorted story of multiple murder. and a parent grieves. >> leaj please welcome geraldo rivera. >> it is my constitutionally protected opinion that o.j. simpson has gotten away with murder. >> i'm geraldo rivera. upfront tonight a story that -- ♪ >> one of our vehicles hit a land mine. we have got casualties. >> children fast sleeping in cages inside this house behind me. >> how long have you been at willow brook? what do you think? do i make them a crook. >> nawld. >> geraldo: hi, everybody, i'm geraldo, welcome to the
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celebration of my four decades in the miss business. 40 years. imagine, it has been a fascinating run and a dynamic exhaust tirk with wonderful frequently successful and sometimes dangerous business than clear environmental protection agency piewm quickly in their most jobs. many still remaining who it been in walks. tearing our nation apart. richard nixon was still president. the death of four students at kent state university at the hands of ohio national guardsmen was accelerating the alienation of people across the country. individuals like me didn't trust anyone over 30. longer that be most americans will h. been alive. plame played out in public. mom of have you watched on air and dry traumas. utilize the care.
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from america's news headquarters a key piece evidence in the gulf oil spill has been hoisted to the surface thorkts want to find out why a blow out preventor
1:34 am
failed taking nearly 30 hours to lift the piece of hardware a mile frupt ocean floor. fbi agents will escort it to a facility in weez for testing. a bomb scare forcing people outside of arizona charlie's hotel and casino saturday. police say a man told a security guard he had a bomb strapped to his chest. it's being called a hofl. police say the man wanted to commit, quote, suicide by cox guards mer swayedded him to go outside, where he was arrested. for latest headlines go to fox >> geraldo: basically i have spent my entire adult life on television. starting with a 27-year-old lawyer with zero reporting experience i blundered and bluffed my way through a grueling rookie year in plain view of everyone. and as this anniversary show goes on, i will talk more about
1:35 am
the highs and the lows. we saw a funny way to show how much i have evolved over time with the check out my haircuts. >> you know what you look like with no clothes on? [ laughter ] >> you look like a chicken with feathers still on it. you need a hair cut. [ laughter ] >> speed, violence. long hair, people shouldn't be fighting. ♪ >> this the bravest thing i will ever do on film. i will show you the before and after pictures, which i swore i was never going to do and kept these in private. [ laughter ] >> this is before. >> this is before. let's just compare the front. i would say front. this is week one. this is september 1st. right. let's see you 16 weeks later. oh, my god, look at the
1:36 am
difference. >> what i'm saying is if i can do it, anyone can do it. >> to prove that john put me through the paces. ♪ whether you are a brother ♪ or whether you are a mother ♪ you're staying alive ♪ >> how did after doing the role of captain kirk for three years,. >> you really want to continue this, don't you? [ laughter ] >> migrate dream. see that's logical, unemotional, totally reasonable you vulkin. >> but i wasn't in this world. excuse me for that. >> today you will hear both sides in the debate over whether it's all sex, orgies and child abuse or just naturalism expressed in an uninhibited
1:37 am
manner. so,. [cheers] >> from the tree house to nudist resort in palm springs, california, we are e posing the bare facts. that's the focus of this edition of geraldo. ♪ say we are ♪ and we don't know ♪ we won't find out ♪ until we grow ♪ well, i don't know ♪ if all that's true ♪ 'cause you got me ♪ and baby, i got you ♪ babe, i got you babe ♪ i got you babe ♪ >> geraldo: if i had a choice i would never wear clothes. this is my 50th birthday for instance, more information than you need. not the focus of this edition of geraldo. here is a more substantively more aspect of my career over the last four decades.
1:38 am
hard core investigative reports. many of which dealt with our nation's long and largely failed war on drugs. ♪ >> geraldo rivera's "special report" on the littlest junky is a story that most of us don't know much about. i must tell you it's a frightening story. >> the nurse picked up the incense and brought it to the another to give her a first look at the child she had brought into the world. the mother looks at the child. it responds with involuntary shoulder, a shaking, a symptom of withdrawal. the child, like the parent, is addicted to heroin. >> how do you feel about the fact that the baby had to go through that? >> well, i'm sorry it happened, but it happened.
1:39 am
but after talking to the experts in addition all public assistance would become conditional in recognized drug treatment program. no treatment, no unemployment. no treatment, no welfare. no treatment, no public assistance whatsoever. heroin overdosed deaths up. heroin supplies, up. addict-related crime, up. there is a plague upon our house. >> started when i was 15. never ended. >> if i have money to get off 10 time as day i would get off 10 time as day. >> this is a source of the heroin flooding into this country the golden crescent, iran, afghanistan, pakistan. this is where it comes from. >> the nations on the verge of a major crisis affecting millions of people and involving billions of dollars. yet, washington has been strangely silent on the issue.
1:40 am
>> i'm saying we are well into the problem. i'm saying it's going to be very difficult to get a handle on it, but i'm saying if we don't do something about it, in a major way now, we're going to lose it. i mean, we're going to lose it all. >> for an investigative reporter, the disadvantage of being on television for a while is that you can't go undercover, unless you change the way you look. what do you think? do i make a convincing dope crook? >> take off the glasses. you look like geraldo rivera. >> when the doper thinks he recognizes me, i decide the best defense is a good offense, it's a maneuver to get him to change the subject, and it works. >> you kept me here for 5 hours, mother [bleep]. what are you, where is the dope, man? give me the dope. >> come on, hey. >> this is [bleep], man. you told me there would be -- all right, all right. >> remember, the word that would trigger the police assault is
1:41 am
candid camera. >> i have got three things to say to you, number one, this is coke. number two i am geraldo rivera. number three you are on candid camera. >> put your hands over your head. >> you know you just sold a kilo of cocaine to geraldo rivera. you are the most famous dope dealers in america right now. >> it is, of course, impossible to pretend that you are condemned to death, to experience what it would be like to have fatal date with destiny, but to get this unique perspective on one of the world's most horrifying experiences, i tried. forget you know me, forget it's me, and i will do my best to report on what 4 hours on death row was like. >> okay, sergeant. >> after having done some reports calling for stronger laws and sterner justice, i confessed to killing somewhat uneasy about spending the day and night in the boughs of this institution. in fact, judging by some of the
1:42 am
comments directed my way once i hit death row, so much the condemned were annoyed or down right angry at my presence among them. >> see, you getting preferential treatment. >> corrections officers on duty had been instructed to treat me like any other newcomer and they did leading me into the cell. nothing upset my one of the condemned men asked shortly after lights went out. >> geraldo, let me ask you a question then. >> go ahead. >> are you death penalty, men. >> who me? awe, in my heart i don't know. >> imagine a world on which on a date and time certain you will be put to death for what have you done. >> geraldo: i'm still not a great fan of the death penalty and that's largely because of the imperfect system that sometimes places a higher priority on getting a conviction than in seeking the truth about whether or not someone actually committed the murder for which they are about to lose their lives. i remember one expose about a
1:43 am
fraudulent dog handler who sent innocent men to death row by pretending that his sniffer dog could find clues years after the fact. and even under water. but when the evidence is clear, ladies and gentlemen, and the crime savage, usually involving multiple victims, then the ultimate punishment might be appropriate. it is not appropriate for a selfish, sick, crazy mom who kills her kid like florida's casey anthony. trying to execute her is a political act. not justice. let's lighten this up. one of the best things about living large on tv is having access to the pop cultural icons of the day, like the beatles. ♪ >> my next obligatory question -- >> wait,. >> i will let linda ask. >> the beat was for you. >> just for one show. please? >> well, linda, i would like to
1:44 am
ask you sincerely now but i can't. >>. no and as far as that is all concerned, it's really a question anything really turns up that the four of us really want to do then there is some kind of possibility that something might happen. >> geraldo: paul mccartney and his wife linda telling me what it would take for a beatles reunion one that never materialized and one because of a bullet and cancer. premature death reminder in george's words that all things must pass. in the mean time they changed the world. george was expose supposedly the quiet one. also the first to use miss music to make a difference. long before bono, live aid, or we are the world. george with ringo on drums, staged a concert for bangladesh to benefit that impoverished nation. >> number one star, how do you feel about that? >> nervous. [ laughter ] >> john and yoko were in san francisco a year after
1:45 am
bangladesh. they came back to new york's madison square garden for what was at the time the biggest benefit ever. one-to-one. my charity to help the mentally retarded. in those days before his tabloid scared marriage to heather mills paul was the busiest and most playful band eagle late wife. >> his named is geraldo rivera. will the real geraldo rivera stand up? [ laughter ] >> but of the four, i was closest to john, testifying on his behalf against a lame nixon era effort to have him deported supposedly because of an old marijuana rap in england. they believed the real reason they wanted him out of the u.s. was opposition to the war in vietnam. >> the reason reason is our foreign policy. >> yoko ono and john lennon. >> in 1972, john and i watched a very moving investigative report by geraldo rivera on the conditions in willow brook state
1:46 am
school, which needed much improvement. in response to, this we felt compelled to organize a benefit concert at madison square garden called one-to-one, which promoted world peace and we gave all of the proceeds from this to willow brook state school. it was an amazing event. and it brought attention to the people who were at willow brook who really needed our help. geraldo became a good friend to us from that time. >> when mark chapman killed john in 1980, he open lifestyle had aided the assassin. >> did you ever get mad at john because he chose to live his life despite all the reality of his life as if he were a regular guy? >> no. i think that's one of the things that got us through was trying to remain regular guys. >> geraldo: one ever the most irresistible things about having a familiar face is the
1:47 am
invitations to the to be a small part of some really big shows, like the finale of seinfeld, the last season of the sopranos and playing a nerd named alfred in what turned out to be the highest rated segment ever of bay watch. >> my basketball. >> i'm watching geraldo. >> oh, mr. rivera, come in. come in. >> please call me geraldo. >> geraldo. >> come on, let's get this over with. winner gets kim. >> i don't want kim. >> now she is not good enough for you, is it? to the death. come on you son of a gun. >> okay, okay. >> to the pain. to the pain. ♪
1:48 am
>> geraldo: hi, everybody, i'm geraldo rivera. tonight we will be talking about what most of have you probably been discussing in your homes and around the water coolers and in your offices, speaking, of course be of the controversial good samaritan trial that gets underway thursday in latham, massachusetts. >> good samaritan law are they crazy? >> we joined via satellite by bainbridge, boston many, the author of the new book "the wise guide to wise guys. welcome to the program. how goes the book tour. >> this is an toro thing, i called a year ago. ♪ >> putting on his game face.
1:49 am
>> never show weakness. never show weakness. you are a rock star. you are geraldo rivera. this is what they pay you because you are worth -- >> -- someone is in here. >> -- someone is in here. >> it's not geraldo.
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1:52 am
>> geraldo: as frank sinatra sings, regrets, i have a few. but in my case they are not too few to mention, beginning with what is still the highest rated but probably most embarrassing chapter in my career. opening al capone's vault. >> whether taking a chair to defend his good look and puerto rican background or whether he is being decorated,
1:53 am
unfortunately by saddam hussein, or -- patriotism has never been questioned. >> i get sick and tired of seeing uncle tom here trying to be a white man. >> go ahead, troy, go ahead. >> no. let me tell you. >> sit down, man. >> hey, hold it, hold it. >> don't stand up. >> sit down, man. >> go ahead, troy, go ahead. >> no. let me tell you. >> sit down, man. [inaudible] hey, hold it. [shouting] >> everybody sit down.
1:54 am
>> i have got a lot of ground to cover. in my 25 years of broadcasting, guess what, i have never had my nose broken and i have never been to al capone's vault. >> ouch. >> the mystery of al capone's vault is hosted by geraldo rivera. >> hello again, everyone. and welcome to the old lexington hotel where 60 years ago during the height of the roaring 20's and prohibition, this once lavish building belonged or was the headquarters for the know notorious gangster al capone. directly beneath me in this hotel's rubble strewn basement a massive concrete chamber has been discovered. >> 3, 2, 1. [explosion] >> now, we have blown down one wall. we have pulled down another. we are digging. in we are getting there. [ laughter ] we are finding out what's
1:55 am
happening. the mystery of al capone's vault. >> now that we have struck out with the vault, i'm disappointed about that as i'm sure you are. this is one time in my life that a pot of gold would have been a lot more fun than chasing the rainbows. i don't know our seismic or sonic tests must have been slightly awry because we didn't find the -- much heralded hallowed spaces that we were prom in there. i promised critics if we didn't find anything we would sing a song ♪ chicago, chicago, that town. good night, i'm sorry. see you next time. [chanting] >> in this corner, that's kuwait, that's where our forces are based. that's where the invasion of iraq emanated. from kuwait, a major highway comes through that country through iraq, cutting through, coming up here to the iraqi people of baghdad. this is the route used by our
1:56 am
third infantry division in their major push against the iraqi capital. >> drew lines in the sand to indicate the exact location and movement of his unit. [ laughter ] >> so that's why fox news is winning the ratings war. >> the entire iraqi military is glued to it. >> he is the only journalist out here who has the cohanys to walk it like he talks it he can't be constrained by concern of safety and security of men who have invited them to join them at great risk to both themselves and military objectives. >> sounds to me like some rats at my former network nbc are spreading some lies about me. >> i want to talk about some of the specifics of those other targets. >> you know, they can't compete fair and square on the battlefield, so they are trying to stab me in the back. it's not the first time. but, you know, quality journalism wins out. >> well, i took full responsibility for that line in
1:57 am
the sand fiasco. it was, ladies and gentlemen, totally over blown. look at the silly map i drew in the sand. compare it to the detail of the maps my very critics were using in their home studios. this scandal was bogus. it was overblown. and i don't think any war correspondent in the field since 9/11 has been as consistently supportive of our military. now, part of the reason they like us as much as we love them is the willingness of brother craig, producer craig heart and me to stand alongside our combat forces, putting our own asses on the line. >> hi, i'm general david petraeus, commander of the nato international security assistance force and u.s. forces in afghanistan. and i'm delighted to express my personal congratulations and thanks to the one and only geraldo rivera as he celebrates
1:58 am
40 years, four decades of reporting, geraldo, thanks for all you have done over the years to ensure important stories are heard and for telling them in your uniquely geraldo way. [gunfire] >> one of our vehicles hit a land mine. we have casualties. we think we are taking fire. we are returning it. we are scat terg the ridge line. >> i consider it an honor to have have you along with the 101st airborne division and had you along with numerousous subsequent missions as well. thank you for your contributions to journalism and air assault. >> whoa. >> craig, you got cover? >> we thought to advance from that forward most position but came under very, very heavy small arms fire. you can hear the arms zipping over our head and impacting into this adobe hut behind me. >> coming over. >> coming. >> coming over. >> coming. >> okay, you okay? >> yeah. >> you and i, we have been there in the battle days of iraq.
1:59 am
we walked the streets of baghdad mosul tikrit. we slept in the dust together, ate mre's together. we have been shot at mortared at. you have been a genuine brother to me. have you been an uncle to my children. you and your lovely wife issue can a have been just great to the bagios. we love you and we just look forward to 40 more years. >> my team and i have been home from our road trip operation iraqi freedom for a cup perform weeks now. it feels like we just got here. close call getting ambushed it's been hard to. the tape keeps replaying in my head. >> other way, turn around. we're okay. >> we have been -- ladies and gentlemen, we have just been attacked. we have been sniped. we have been hit. we have been hit. >> all right. we're okay.

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